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Cary Heffner's Online Memorial Photo

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Memorial Biography

Cary Heffner lived most of his life in Colorado.  He was born in Denver and went to schools in Green Mountain, where he loved learning. At the age of 11 Cary saved and saved to go on a trip to Hawaii with 'Grams the Great', his grandmother and 'best bud'. When Cary was 12, the family moved to New Mexico for one year.  During that year, Cary tutored a German boy.

After high school, Cary joined the army, to serve his country and to further his education. Interestingly, he was stationed in Germany, where he guarded the Berlin wall before it was torn down.

Following his time in the service, Cary earned a degree in Computer Science, then, using his talent and expertise, he ran a computer business.  Later he was hired in the IT department of Lockheed Martin.

In 1987, Cary met Sandy, and told his friends immediately that he was going to marry her, which he did!  Cary and Sandy have two daughters, Nichole, and Caley.  Cary was a wonderful husband and father!

Cary was seriously injured in 1997 when a car veered on to a sidewalk and struck him. As a result of this accident, he bravely lived a life of chronic pain. Despite the incredible physical challenges he faced, he was a loving husband and Dad, amazing son, much-loved family member, and true friend.

Cary's continually upbeat attitude was an inspiration to everyone he met. He loved to make people happy, and will always be warmly remembered and deeply missed.